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NIGHTBIRD       Jesus please help 3-12-2020 02:20 AM
NBA cancels season games

What next

Is the world coming to

A end

People are sick everyday

Is this a panic

Ellen Grade 3-12-2020 4:27 PM
Nhl nba and other sports have suspended play

Drs office who knows

2 weeks
5 weeks
1 week

The virus has to die
Zebra       Bastid virus 3-12-2020 5:13 PM
URCIN TRACKER       Tom hanks and his wife now have the Corona virus 3-12-2020 11:37 PM
UNCLE BILL       Hopefully in a few days 3-14-2020 1:06 PM
Panic stops and life opens again

14 days
42 days
LEGEND       F this virus 3-21-2020 6:11 PM
Caused upheavil in all lives
Fear death plus panic
Is all this nessasarly
NIGHTBIRD       Still going 3-27-2020 10:40 PM

1500 us died
100,000 infected in USA

DABLSIO       Sucks 3-29-2020 6:08 PM
Silvia Morgan       The Chinese virus .. 4-1-2020 12:56 PM
Please end already
GATOR       Bastid 4-2-2020 10:02 AM
DABLSIO       I say by april 15 little by little 4-3-2020 6:26 PM
Let people go back to work otherwise the new virus will be no $ for all
FRANCIS       Feels like halocost 4-6-2020 3:44 PM
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