12/25/2006 ~~~ MERRY CHRISTMAS

12/23/2006 ~~~ Peter sees The Vertical Hour with Julianne Moore at the Music Box Theatre in NYC.

12/21/2006 ~~~ Peter performs a, "Robert Plant Rock God" character for the AT&T Commercial at Kipperman Casting in NYC.
There still clapping.

12/20/2006 ~~~ Jessica from Kipperman Casting in NYC calls Peter for a AT&T Commercial as a "Rock God" on 12/21/2006.

12/18/2006 ~~~ Peter meets AD representatives for work on a Converse Basketball Print Ad at Impossible Casting in New York.
Shoot date sometime in January 2007.

12/16/2006 ~~~ Saturday Night Live with Host ~ Justin Timberlake.
Last Saturday Night Live ~ Live Show in 2006.

12/15/2006 ~~~ Patricia Pinto from La Creme Agency contacts Peter for work on a Converse Basketball Print Ad through Impossible Casting.
Meeting scheduled for 12/18/2006.

12/14/2006 ~~~ Pamela D. Kyner Casting Assistant for the independent movie
"Light In The Dark Room" contacts Peter for a role in the film.

12/12/2006 ~~~ Ronnie Koenig (who was the editor of Playgirl magazine from 2000 - 2002) contacts Peter for work with Firecracker Productions.

12/12/2006 ~~~ Charlene Mateus from Chartreuse Talent Management contacts Peter for representation.

12/9/2006 ~~~ Saturday Night Live with Host ~ Annette Benining.
Musical guest Gwen Stefani.

12/8/2OO6 ~~~ The Assassination Of John Lennon.
December 8, 1980

12/7/2006 ~~~ Pearl Harbour Remembrance Day.
December 7, 1941

12/2/2006 ~~~ Saturday Night Live with Host ~ Matthew Fox.
Musical guest Tenacious D.

11/29/2006 ~~~ Hans Bukow, President & CEO of ework.com contacts Peter for his availability as spokesperson for his company.
Hans Bukow has been one of the world's premier soccer players over the last two decades.

11/28/2006 ~~~ More terrific information regarding Pat Murphy.
Pat Murphy on "Law & Order: Criminal Intent" as newscaster Dawn Condor
Will air this Tuesday November 28th @ 9pm on NBC.

11/23/2006 ~~~ HAPPY THANKSGIVING !

11/21/2006 ~~~ Peter meets with ML McCarthy and Suze Lee at
Urban Productions regarding Hair Campaign for Disney.
Scheduled shoot dates are 12/15/2006 and 12/16/2006.

11/20/2006 ~~~ Rick Miller from the Rick Miller Talent Agency contacts Peter to inform him that a meeting with Disney to use Peter in a Hair Campaign has been scheduled on 11/21/2006 in NYC.

11/18/2006 ~~~ Saturday Night Live with Host ~ Chris "Ludacris" Bridges.

11/18/2006 ~~~ Carson Daly at MTV Productions in New York City contacts Peter for upcoming work on New Film and T.V. Shows they are producing.
Stay Tuned For Details.

11/17/2006 ~~~ Peter works on One Life To Live as "The Perk"
'The Perk" may turn into a recurring role.

11/17/2006 ~~~ Rick Miller from the Rick Miller Agency in NY contacts
Peter regarding a request from Disney to use Peter in a Hair Campaign.
Details to follow.

11/16/2006 ~~~ Peter's AD and Photo is on News Stands NOW in Backstage.
The November 16, 2006 issue.

11/14/2006 ~~~ Robert J. Smith Commercial Production Manager at
Time Warner Cable Media Sales contacts Peter to be the spokesperson for a
U.S. Gold Buyers Commercial.

11/14/2006 ~~~ Billy Jaskson from P.A.A.W., Inc. Productions contacts Peter on doing a Commercial for the Oak Park Public Library in Oak Park, Illinois sometime before the End of 2006.
Stay Tuned For Details.

11/14/2006 ~~~ Kathryn Natera at Sony Bmg contacts Peter regarding  joining
The Sony Team.

11/13/2006 ~~~ Peter auditions for Sheryl Baker Fisher casting director for
One Life To Live.
Peter may work on One Life To Live as "The Perk"
Starting Friday, November 17, 2006.
Stay Tuned For Details.

11/11/2006 ~~~ Saturday Night Live with Host ~ Alex Baldwin.

11/9/2006 ~~~ Sheryl Baker Fisher casting director for One Life To Live contacted Peter to audition on 11/13/2006.

11/8/2006 ~~~ Kendra from Stuck Films in Sunny Isles, Florida contacts Peter regarding work on projects in development.

11/8/2006 ~~~ Photographer Mel Jackson contacts Peter regarding future work based upon 11/5/2006 Fashion shoot in NYC.

11/6/2006 ~~~ Jessica A. Simmons Advertising Associate at Backstage East Confirms with Peter he will be in the November 16, 2006 issue.

11/5/2006 ~~~ Peter has a Fashion shoot with over 100 photographers in NYC.
Photo's will soon be added to photo's AD's page on http://www.peteraustinnoto.com
Thank you Phil Mistry.

11/3/2006 ~~~ Diane Chow from the Stanley Kaplan Talent Agency in NY contacted Peter for upcoming commercial work.
Details to follow.

11/3/2006 ~~~ Eddie Bradley from MNN TV contacted Peter for hosting work on
Details to follow.

11/2/2006 ~~~ Mercedez Davis casting director of Diva TV in Chicago, Illinois contacts Peter for a Interview on Saturday 11/4/2006.
Due to prior commitments Interview will be rescheduled at a later date.

11/2/2006 ~~~ Tanya and John from Tanya Constantine Photography contacted Peter for a stock photo shoot on December 7, 2006 in FT Lauderdale.
Scheduling details to follow.

11/1/2006 ~~~ Phil Mistry contacts Peter regarding the details on the November 5, 2006 photo shoot for Digital Days Photo in NYC.

10/31/2006 ~~~ HAPPY HALLOWEEN !

10/31/2006 ~~~ Brad Davis from Marquee Casting in LA calls Peter regarding
Doing a sequence of Comedy Commercials.

10/30/2006 ~~~ Jessica A. Simmons Advertising Associate at Backstage East
Contacts Peter If his photo can be placed in one of the upcoming issue's.

10/29/2006 ~~~ Peter was contacted by Talent Coordinator Gisele Noel
From BK Productions to play a waiter for a Independent T.V. Pilot called
Wired City.

10/28/2006 ~~~ Saturday Night Live with Host ~ Hugh Laurie.

10/25/2006 ~~~ More terrific information regarding Pat Murphy.
Pat was just booked for one scene playing a news anchor on Law & Order Criminal Intent.

10/21/2006 ~~~ Saturday Night Live with Host ~ John C. Reilly.

10/18/2006 ~~~Eye Glass Commercial through 30 FPS Productions is postponed due to scheduling conflicts. Shoot should take place in the near future.

10/18/2006 ~~~ Peter has meeting with the American Model Agency laying out plans for future modeling and acting jobs.

10/17/2006 ~~~ The American Model Agency contacts Peter for a interview on 10/18/2006 for future modeling and acting jobs.

10/16/200 ~~~ Peter was called to audition in Chicago for a independent film, "CC Chigago" in Chicago, directed by Vernon McCombs, Michael Olszewski and Saj Adib.
Due to scheduling conflicts Peter could not attend. ~~~ That's Show Biz !

10/11/2006 ~~~ Anne Webb from The Talent Express Agency calls Peter for a booking as a hand model for a Eye Glass Commercial through 30 FPS  Productions.

10/11/2006 ~~~ Phil Mistry contacts Peter regarding a photo shoot in November for Digital Days Photo ~~~ Details to follow.   www.DigitalDaysPhoto.com

10/9/2006 ~~~ Matt Mulf from Impossible Casting contacts Peter on upcoming TV, FILM, POSSIBLE MUSIC VIDEO'S, REALITY TV and COMMERCIALS they will be submitting him for.

Peter booked "US WEST" National Commercial through Impossible Casting
and was directed by Spike Lee.

Opening of the US West Commercial can be seen on the video page called:
Part 1 "I've Seen This Face Before" - 2:54 ~~~ Enjoy !

10/7/2006 ~~~ Saturday Night Live with Host ~ Jamie Pressley. http://www.nbc.com/Saturday_Night_Live/_

10/6/2006 ~~~ Matt Jacobsen contacts Peter telling him his footage would be GREAT for www.HistorySpoof.com. and  www.OldMagazineArticles.com

10/6/2006 ~~~ Peter meets with Michael Amato and discussions on future work are laid out.

10/6/2006 ~~~ Peter is able to shoot scene in the a.m. with Kevin Klein and later go to meeting at the Michael Amato Talent Agency.

10/5/2006 ~~~ Kristine Bulakowski Casting calls Peter to work on the movie
 "Death Maybe" starring Kevin Kline, U-5 part as Kevin's assistant.

10/4/2006 ~~ Katrina Zayas from SCHUMANN / STEIER, INC. contacts Peter for his availability for a photo shoot in Coral Gables, Florida.

10/3/2004 ~~~ Andrea Dasilva from the Michael Amato Talent Agency contacts Peter for Representation ~~~ A meeting is being arranged.

10/2/2006 ~~~ Bruce Kivo from Eastwood Talent calls Peter to play a part of a Priest in the movie Manhattan Diaries .

9/30/2006 ~~~ Saturday Night Lives 2006 -2007 Season begins with Host ~ Dane Cook. http://www.nbc.com/Saturday_Night_Live/

9/29/2006 ~~~ Anne Webb from The Talent Express Agency calls Peter regarding upcoming projects and chats about the inner workings of Saturday Night Live.

9/28/2006 ~~~ Peter does Documentary for Bravo regarding the NEW FRONTIER of the Internet.

9/28/2006 ~~~ Jimmy Odoms from Full Spectrum Films contacts Peter regarding lead role in a upcoming Miramax Movie.

9/26/2006 ~~~ Grant Sutherland contacts Peter regarding hosting Talk-Show.TV in La.

9/26/2006 ~~~ Tim Donovan calls Peter to do a Documentary for Bravo on 9/28/2006

9/26/2006 ~~~ Quit Smoking PSA for Time Warner in Manhattan.

9/23/2006 ~~~ Stefano Spadoni ask's Peter to become a member of Stefano's Network Web Site ~~~ (http://www.stefanosnetwork.com/site/)

9/22/2006 ~~~ Print job for Metro Jewish Hospital

9/21/2006 ~~~ Richard Davis called Peter to do a Quit Smoking PSA for Time Warner in Manhattan on 9/26/2006.

9/21/2006 ~~~ More terrific information from Pat Murphy. http://mediaimagecoach.com/subpage.cfm?Tbl=1031&ID=381

9/21/2006 ~~~ Elaine Gordon from Elaine Gordon Talent Agency calls for print job for Metro Jewish Hospital on 9/22/2006

9/20/2006 ~~~ Model and Talent Agency contacts Peter for representation in New York.

9/19/2006 ~~~ Sue Henderson calls regarding exciting upcoming events ~~~~ A GREAT LADY ~~~ http://www.hendersonenterprises.com/

9/19/2006 ~~~ David Sica from Sica Productions  http://www.sicaproductions.com/  Contacts Peter on what a marvelous website he has created.

9/15/2006 ~~~ Grant Wilfley Casting calls Peter with a small part on a Independent film still in development

9/12/2006 ~~~ Diane from Stanley Kaplan Talent Agency has Major Commercial In Development for Peter

8/31/2006 ~~~ Premier of PeterAustinNoto.com